Melody Cebula, Toronto-based designer of Precocious Environmental Couture,
revamps vintage findings into one-of-a-kind fashion!

“Since I was young, I’ve always had a desire to create beauty. Whether it was my envisioned prom dress or college apartment, a painted canvas or a friend’s kitchen, I’ve always loved creating the beauty in my touchable world. Along my quest for beauty, I realized my fancy for originality and pieces that are truly unique like me! My thrill of the hunt and love of vintage charm was a perfect match to create this originality I loved: the unique character of vintage nostalgia transformed into current original beauty. I love beautiful, original, vintage pieces that are flattering and functional! Something more is always something more, and garments that can be worn multiple ways are the cherry on top of my creations. Multi-wearable garments that are truly original, innately vintage, ultimately beautiful and figure flattering are what I create! Welcome to Precocious Environmental Couture!”

                                                                      -Melody Cebula, Designer/Owner of Precocious

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